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Dr. J® Barrel Saddle, Golden Oak

ID# 1DB1 Tree: Poly Ride. Semi-Quarter bars. 5-yr warranty.
Seat sizes:, 14″, 15″, or 16″.
Color: Golden oak, roughout fenders and jockey.
Horn: Braided 3½”.
Riggings: C plate.
Cantle: 5″,
Tooling: Basket weave with barbed wire border.
Weight: 21 lbs.


Brand: Dr. J
Seat Size: 14″,15″,16″
Gullet Width: 6½”
Country of Origin: USA

$ 1,269.25

The heart of every saddle is a properly designed saddle tree, and this saddle tree is wide enough to fit the stouter, cattier barrel horse of today.