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Equine Gear & Tack

DISCLAIMER At Barn & Country we hope that all your experiences with your equine partner is a safe & enjoyable time. At Barn & Country we are here to help you achieve this by providing you with all your equine needs. Here are some key points to always adhere to & remember. All children & youth should always be supervised & watched closely when working with or in the area of horses. Horses can vary a lot in temperament & gentleness and are powerful & strong animals. They should only be handled, trained & worked around by experienced, knowledgeable & trusted horse persons or those under such supervision. Failing to become adequately trained on how to handle, ride & work around your equine partner can result in serious bodily injury. Be sure to always use the proper tack & safety equipment ( hard hat, boots, gloves, etc. ) at all times & in every situation. Barn & Country will not be found liable for the use or miss use of any of our products. Always follow the Manufacturer’s proper use recommendations. Ride down all trails with confidence knowing that you have the right horse, the right tack & safety attire & proper training to ensure that every trail you go down will be a HAPPY TRAIL. Wishing you all the best in your riding adventures Barn & Country.