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This small birdhouse is popular where ever bluebirds are found. The dimensions of this birdhouse are 6″ x 8″ x 12″. Ships in an unassembled kit. Clear Grade Western Red Cedar is the most preservative wood for the maintenance and beauty of all your yard enhancing products.

$ 32.75

Designed with bluebirds in mind, this cedar birdhouse comes complete with pivoting front door to allow cleaning and monitoring nesting success.
A popular birdhouse where ever bluebirds are found.

Birdhouse Features Include:
Clear Western Red Cedar,
Pivoting Front Door,
Zinc plated hardware.

Handcrafted for snug-fitting parts,
Fully Illustrated instructions,that are easy to follow for most anyone ,but having some knowledge of tools and woodworking would be an asset.
Built sturdy to give you years of yard beautification and enjoyment, built to last ! MADE IN CANADA!