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10-Piece Roma Ultimate Groom Kit ID# KORW


Includes: (1) Hoof Pick w/Scraper,(1) Large Sponge,(1) Plastic Sweat Scraper,(1) 7″ Plastic Dandy Brush,(1) 5″ Rubber Curry Comb,(1) 4″ Plastic Mane Comb,Braiding Bands,Hoof & Oil Brush/Can,5½” Plastic Body Brush
Color: Purple,Pink,Blue

$ 35.50

Kit contains:

One (1) hoof pick with scraper.
One (1) large sponge.
One (1) plastic sweat scraper.
One (1) 7″ plastic dandy brush.
One (1) 5″ rubber curry comb.
One (1) 4″ plastic mane comb.
One (1) packet of 500 braiding bands.
One (1) hoof oil brush/can.
One (1) 5½” plastic body brush.

All these items come in a sturdy plastic groom box.
Colors: Purple, pink or blue.
Shipping & Service Charges May Apply.