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  1. Jeffers® Face Brush

    Jeffers® Face Brush ID# IAFM


    Palm size brush with soft, 1" bristles. Excellent for grooming a horse's face. Learn More
  2. Double-Sided Sisal/Fleecy Face Mitt

    Double-Sided Sisal/Fleecy Face Mitt ID# IA2A


    Jeffers® Double-Sided Sisal & Fleece Face Mitt has One side is woven sisal for helping remove dirt and loose hair while the other side is a synthetic fleece for polishing the coat. Learn More
  3. The Ulta-Mitt

    The Ulta-Mitt ID# YXT2


    Use this mitt wet to bathe or dry to curry and remove dried sweat marks. Promotes circulation, stimulating massage and natural shine. Colors May Vary. Learn More
  4. 10-Piece Roma Ultimate Groom Kit

    10-Piece Roma Ultimate Groom Kit ID# KORW


    Includes: (1) Hoof Pick w/Scraper,(1) Large Sponge,(1) Plastic Sweat Scraper,(1) 7" Plastic Dandy Brush,(1) 5" Rubber Curry Comb,(1) 4" Plastic Mane Comb,Braiding Bands,Hoof & Oil Brush/Can,5½" Plastic Body Brush Color: Purple,Pink,Blue Learn More
  5. Neon Spray Bottles

    Neon Spray Bottles ID# T7NA


    Neon Spray Bottles are a wide-based, PVC spray bottle with adjustable spray nozzle. Learn More
  6. Jeffers® Mini Rasp

    Jeffers® Mini Rasp, 10"L ID# IAJJ


    Unique size, 10" is ideal for use on foals, mini's, ponies, goats, and sheep. Can be used with one hand. Features 6 teeth per row for an aggressive smooth cut. Learn More
  7. Plastic Curry Comb

    Plastic Curry Comb ID# IAAE


    Massages and cleans legs and tender body areas. Learn More
  8. Bling Face Brush - Zebra

    Bling Face Brush ID# WEAO5


    Weaver Leather's Bling Face Brush is 1½" x 5" with Bristles measuring 1". Blinged up handles are sure to add sparkle and shine to grooming time. Patterns: Zebra, Rainbow, Lime Aztec or Pink Aztec. Learn More
  9. Face Brush - Purple

    Face Brush ID# WEA1A


    1½" W x 5" L pocket size brush great for touch ups in the show ring or cleaning clipper blades. 1" soft polypropylene bristles. Learn More
  10. Show Ring Brush

    Show Ring Brush ID# D5AB


    Show ring brush with soft, synthetic bristles. Convenient handle slips into the back pocket. Great for a quick touch-up in the show ring. Learn More

Items 1 to 10 of 11 total

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