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  1. Jeffers® Face Brush

    Jeffers® Face Brush ID# IAFM


    Palm size brush with soft, 1" bristles. Excellent for grooming a horse's face. Learn More
  2. Epona Scrubby Bath Cloth

    Epona Scrubby Bath Cloth ID# YXEM


    Epona Scrubby Bath Grooming Cloth is indispensable for grooming or bathing, removes dirt and stains in a breeze and rinses quickly in water. Great for Horses or Pets. Learn More
  3. Double-Sided Sisal/Fleecy Face Mitt

    Double-Sided Sisal/Fleecy Face Mitt ID# IA2A


    Jeffers® Double-Sided Sisal & Fleece Face Mitt has One side is woven sisal for helping remove dirt and loose hair while the other side is a synthetic fleece for polishing the coat. Learn More
  4. The Ulta-Mitt

    The Ulta-Mitt ID# YXT2


    Use this mitt wet to bathe or dry to curry and remove dried sweat marks. Promotes circulation, stimulating massage and natural shine. Colors May Vary. Learn More
  5. Weaver Grooming Sets - Black/Pink

    Weaver Grooming Sets ID# W2AAT


    Weaver Leather Grooming Sets add a touch of sparkle to grooming time with Weaver's Grooming Sets. 7-piece assortment that includes a selection of grooming essentials housed in a handy vinyl bag with a trendy glitter finish. Great set of tools to get that SHOW ready state. Learn More
  6. 10-Piece Roma Ultimate Groom Kit

    10-Piece Roma Ultimate Groom Kit ID# KORW


    Includes: (1) Hoof Pick w/Scraper,(1) Large Sponge,(1) Plastic Sweat Scraper,(1) 7" Plastic Dandy Brush,(1) 5" Rubber Curry Comb,(1) 4" Plastic Mane Comb,Braiding Bands,Hoof & Oil Brush/Can,5½" Plastic Body Brush Color: Purple,Pink,Blue Learn More
  7. Neon Spray Bottles

    Neon Spray Bottles ID# T7NA


    Neon Spray Bottles are a wide-based, PVC spray bottle with adjustable spray nozzle. Learn More
  8. Jeffers® Mini Rasp

    Jeffers® Mini Rasp, 10"L ID# IAJJ


    Unique size, 10" is ideal for use on foals, mini's, ponies, goats, and sheep. Can be used with one hand. Features 6 teeth per row for an aggressive smooth cut. Learn More
  9. Plastic Curry Comb

    Plastic Curry Comb ID# IAAE


    Massages and cleans legs and tender body areas. Learn More
  10. Jeffers® Plastic Sweat/Water Squeegee

    Jeffers® Plastic Sweat/Water Squeegee ID# IAAA


    Never-rust sweat scraper with rubberized blade. For removing excess water after washing show animal. Learn More

Items 1 to 10 of 14 total

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