Types of Bits Snaffle Mouth Bits - Normally mild. Apply pressure to the bars and tongue. Available in shanked or ring bits. Roller Mouth Bits - Pacify young or nervous horses and promote salivation. Curb & Grazing Bits - Considered leverage bits because when the reins are pulled, there is pressure against the horse's bars as well as from the curb strap. Correction Bits - Leverage bits that apply pressure against the bars and tongue as well as from the curb strap. Jointed to be less harsh than a solid mouth bit and to give the rider the ability to work one side more independently of the other. Can be harsh if overly pulled on. Hackamores - Designed to apply pressure above the soft tissue of the nose and chin area. Controls the horse without putting undue pressure on the horse's mouth. Great for horses who need help with stopping and horses who cannot tolerate a mouthpiece. Wonder Bits - The sliding action of these bits applies pressure to the corners and lips of the mouth. This action along with the position of the rider's hands, helps to elevate the horse from its quarters. Popular with barrel racers, gaited and trail horses. Tom Thumb Bits - A basic snaffle shanked bit used to transition from a ring or snaffle to a curb or leverage bit. These use a small amount of curb and shank pressure. The cheeks move independently for more lateral flexibility. Great for training.

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  1. Cowhorse Junior Bit

    Cowhorse Junior Bit ID# A8CA


    Copper roller promotes salivation with twisted wire for better control. 5" cheeks. Roller Mouth Bits pacify nervous or young horses. Learn More
  2. Twisted Copper Snaffle

    Twisted Copper Snaffle ID# RDL4


    Copper creates a moist, soft mouth for a better feel. Carries the bit easily, having enough "bite" to get the horses attention when necessary. Learn More
  3. Sharon Camarillo Sweet Six Curb Chain

    Sharon Camarillo Sweet Six Curb Chain ID# RDW1


    This curb chain engages and diffuses curb pressure more evenly, enhancing the feel of the sweet six bits. This is a "secret weapon" that was once only available to Sharon Camarillo clinic participants. Learn More
  4. Jeffers® Nylon Curb - Single Chain - Black

    Jeffers® Nylon Curb - Single Chain ID# SSYZ


    ¾" flat nylon curb strap with double or single chains. Learn More
  5. Sewn Leather Curb Strap - Harness

    Sewn Leather Curb Strap, each ID# BCLS1


    Doubles and stitched center is smooth and finished for comfort. Nickel-plated hardware. Learn More
  6. Straight Leather Curb Strap

    Straight Leather Curb Strap, Black, each ID# ARF3


    Single-ply, 5/8" wide curb straps. Nickel-plated. Latigo leather. Learn More
  7. Fleece Lined Hackamore Bit

    Fleece Lined Hackamore Bit ID# A8FA


    This Fleece Lined Hackamore Bit is stainless steel and lined with fleece. Learn More
  8. Jim Warner Rope Nose Hackamore

    Jim Warner Rope Nose Hackamore ID# RDD1


    A medium plus leverage for good control and rate. No knots on the rope to gall the horse's face. The shanks swivel for better flex. The rope nose offers more control. 7" cheeks. Learn More
  9. O-Ring Snaffle

    O-Ring Snaffle ID# WEA5M


    O-Ring Snaffle Bit is best used with an all-leather curb strap to prevent the bit from pulling through the horse's mouth. Great for starting colts, training exercises, new riding discipline or for softening older more seasoned horse's mouth. Learn More
  10. Rio Collection Correction Bit

    Rio Collection Correction Bit ID# PL1BR


    Rio Collection Correction Bit has an aluminum engraved cheek is light & comfortable. The mouthpiece works on a variety of horses from the young colt to the older finished show horse. Learn More

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